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V1 Pro

Ergonomically designed for comfort and features various comfort settings from its adjustability to its durable design, this office chair will make those long hours of typing at a desk a breeze.

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Pro for ProfessionalS

Made with an aluminium base of 350mm and manufactured from steel material, the V1 Pro is catered to all different sizes with a maximum weight of 140kg. The V1 Pro is perfect for professionals who always strive for comfort, luxury and convenience.

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Liftable and rotatable headrest

V1 Pro features an adjustable headrest height that delivers comfort based on your preferences. The headrest can be rotated up to 45°, giving you the flexibility for a comfortable experience.

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Convenience and

V1 Pro is exquisitely designed for convenience as it features an adjustable height for all different sizes. Bringing comfort to your seat while working for long hours, the V1 Pro cushions are made from a breathable mesh that helps to prevent sore lower back.

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This 3D adjustable armrest is designed to suit your ideal preferences for maximum comfort.

3D armrest

 Sideway Armrest Adjustment

Height Armrest Adjustment

Back and Forth Armrest Adjustment

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Backrest recline

V1 Pro makes your life easy with a backrest recline up to 100° prevents you from having a stiff neck and upper back due to prolonged sitting on a chair while promoting lower back health

The backrest helps you to relax and gives you extreme comfort while boosting your work productivity

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Lumbar supporT

The V1 Pro backrest chair is uniquely equipped with dynamic lumbar support that helps to prevent back pain, numbness and tingling in the muscles. It helps to align muscles and the spine

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V1 Pro

Product Type:

Office Chair

Headrest Material:

Polypropylene (PP)

Armrest Material:

polyurethane (PU) surface​

Armrest Support Material:

Q235 Steel + polyamiden (PA)

Lumbar Support Material::

Polypropylene (PP) + Sponge + Mesh

Seat Cushion:

Polypropylene (PP) + Fiber + Mesh + Elastic Cotton

Max User Weight:



Mechanical Steel


Dragon Pattern

Base Material:

Aluminium Base 350mm

Castor Material:

polyurethane (PU)

Gross Weight:


Net Weight:




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